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Well, I'm bored.

2007-07-24 18:20:26 by The-Donkey

I can't think of anything to do.


2007-07-20 21:08:49 by The-Donkey

I'm banned... AGAIN. Lol...

Well, I can now post.

2007-07-19 10:44:58 by The-Donkey

I guess I was only banned for a day, but I can now post. Only a day till level 14 too.


2007-07-18 18:12:17 by The-Donkey

Well, I think I know the reason why I can't post. On the bugs page that bob made in News, it says banned users receive a white screen if they are banned, instead of a normal error message. Wonder if it was from when I said it was the Mod's period day a few days ago. D: